Friday, 2 November 2012

Cheshunt manager Faulkner fuming after defeat

CHESHUNT manager Tony Faulkner was left fuming after his side’s 2-1 defeat at Redbridge on Saturday.
UNHAPPY: Cheshunt manager Tony Faulkner
UNHAPPY: Cheshunt manager Tony Faulkner
“After 20 years of managing, that’s probably the most one sided defeat I’ve ever been involved in,” he told Josh Harris.
“We had 37 crosses into their box. We felt like we had three really good penalty shouts, one which he (the Redbridge defender) punched underneath the bar and he (the referee) gave a corner.
“Glenn’s (Williamson, the Cheshunt keeper) made a howler in the first half where he’s punched it into his own net.”
Faulkner admitted: “They didn’t even have an attack in the second half – it was our mistake for their second goal.
“It was very, very frustrating. As a manager you look at yourself and think ‘is there anything else I could have done?’ Glenn’s had one save in the whole game.”
Going into Saturday’s match, Cheshunt side had the best scoring record in the league, but with just the one goal against Redbridge, the manager blamed the lack of goals on his attackers.
“Our final third and delivery wasn’t as good as it could be, but having said that, we had enough quality on some of the balls.”
Looking ahead to this Saturday’s clash against Harlow Town, Faulkner said he expected a positive result. “It has to be a win,” he told Josh Harris.
“If we’re going to fulfil our goals (play-off positions), you’ve got to win the game. I expect to win every game, there’s no one in the league we fear.
“We know on our day we’re as good as anyone and better than most. We’re going to go into that game against Harlow firing, were angry now. We need to get it out of our system.”

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